What is the quality of the water?

BioMax is committed to the ongoing research and development of wastewater recycling technology and the quality of our recycled water continues to improve as technology in this area is developed further. Recent water quality studies of water recycled by BioMAX, demonstrate a dramatic improvement in the quality of the finished product. To learn more about […]

What can recycled water be used for?

The BioMAX system converts sewage into recycled “B Class water” suitable for restricted irrigation purposes and can also be used for dust suppression in mine sites.

What is the volume of wastewater input

BioMAX is a closed system, and therefore will return the same volume of water that is put in – at a much higher quality with many more practical uses. There is no wastage, leakage or loss, which also means no odour escapes from the system.

What is the size of the irrigation area for the various BioMAX systems?

The size of an irrigation area for a given BioMAX system (in square metres) will be at least 10% of the total flow of the wastewater. Therefore if 10,000L/day was put into a BioMAX system, it will reticulate an area of 1,000 square metres.
(Please note: this answer assumes that an average of 10L of water […]

When does it reticulate and how often?

The system reticulates as demand dictates. An automatic submersible pump(s) is controlled by a level switch which is designed to operate and shut down as the level of effluent rises and falls.

If an event occurs whereby people have to evacuate a site, the BioMAX system may remain unused for a number of days. Will this affect the ecosystem within the BioMAX?

No, the BioMAX system contains an “activated sludge mechanism” which will continue to refine and recycle the waste water internally. When the community return and the amenities are again in use, the BioMAX will continue to operate as normal.

Could the system cope with a sudden increase in the volume of wastewater?

Yes, our systems are designed to cope with a larger capacity of wastewater than specified. This includes excess storage capacity, built in redundancy on larger systems, reserve capacity when it comes to pumps and compressors, and thicker 50mPA concrete strength and corrosion resistance.

Could the BioMAX system continue

Yes, the BioMAX system is gravity fed and therefore wastewater can continue to flow into the tank. In the event of a power failure, the BioMAX system has the capacity to continue to take in wastewater at the normal rate for at least 48 hours until power is restored.

ATU information

The West Australian Health Department provides the following information about ATU’s