Audio Testimonials

BioMAX is a leader in the field of commercial wastewater recycling and treatment systems. We are privileged to count many local, national and international entities among our clientele. Whether a major mining company, government entity or commercial enterprise, there is a BioMAX system that is right for almost any situation. Our engineers will ensure your BioMAX system exceeds your expectations.

Listen to what our clients have to say about BioMAX:


Ross Anderson | Project Engineer | Agnew Gold Mine

"BioMAX came to the rescue"

Ross explains how BioMAX helped them quickly and easily solve an environmental problem they were experiencing in a remote location. He also talks about the cost effectiveness of the BioMAX system and the bond that has been forged between the two companies.
Client profile: One of the world's largest unhedged producers of gold


Barrie Evans | Construction Superintendent | Multiplex Construction

"The service they provide is outstanding"

Barrie tells why they chose to use BioMAX systems as an alternative to traditional septic systems for the construction of the Perth Desalinisation Plant. He also explains why they are using BioMAX again for the construction of a new waste water treatment plant.
Client profile: Multi-national construction company


Ray Simpson | investor and building renovator

"We've gone from having a huge water bill to no water bill"

Ray talks about the great cost savings generated by his first BioMAX system. He also discusses how these savings and BioMAX's excellent service (despite his remote location), have prompted him to order a second system for his latest project.


Merrilyn Bradley | Office Manager | A-Z Commercial Steel Constructions

"They are so hassle free"

Merrilyn explains why one of their clients has installed five BioMAX systems and would be happy to install more. She also tells how being in a regional centre has not created any problems with using BioMAX.
Client profile: Construction company building commercial buildings in & around Albany WA


Rod Walker | Asset Management Officer | Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

"We moved over to BioMAX because of the simplicity of the systems"

Rod explains that they have installed four BioMAX systems at Karrakatta Cemetery because of the simplicity of the systems and the added benefits of reticulation for the cemetery gardens.
Client profile: Government statutory authority


Matt Mathers | Jon Bova Plumbing

"The system went in perfectly - just like a jigsaw"

Matt talks about how easy it was to install a BioMAX system at Garie Beach near Sydney. He also explains why they chose BioMAX over a traditional septic system.
Client profile: Commercial & industrial plumbers, NSW


Matt Perrella | General Manager | Delta Corporation

"The BioMAX system is a good thing - particularly for the environment"

Matt explains why they weren't able to use traditional drains for their project. He also talks about how the BioMAX system works well and is also good for the environment.
Client profile: Manufacturers of pre-cast concrete products